HYBRID TEA ROSES - #3  $29.99
About Face   Happy Go Lucky   Over The Moon
All My Loving   Heirloom   Peace
Always & Forever   Honor   Perfect Moment
Anna's Promise   Hotel California   Perfume Delight
Blue Girl   In The mood   Pink Peace
Brandy   Ink Spots   Pope John Paul II
Ch-Ching!   Just Joey   Pretty Lady
Chris Evert   Lasting Love   Queen Elizabeth
Coretta Scott King   Legends   Radiant Perfume
Crescendo   Love's Magic   Rock & Roll
Dick Clark   Marilyn Monroe   Sedona
Double Delight   Melody Parfumee   Smokin' Hot
Dream Come True   Memorial Day   St. Patrick
Edith's Darling   Midas Touch   Stainless Steel
Falling In Love   Miss Congeniality   Strike It Rich
Firefighter   Mr. Lincoln   Sugar Moon
First Prize   Neil Diamond   Sunstruck
Fragrant Cloud   Neptune   Tahitian Sunset
Fragrant Plum   New Zealand   Tropicana
Francis Meilland   Octoberfest   Twilight Zone
Gemini   Oklahoma   We Salute You
Good As Gold   Olympiad   Wild Blue Yonder
Grande Dame   Opening Night   Violet's Pride
Angel Face   Intrigue   Purple Tiger
Chihuly   Jump For Joy   Scentimental
Colorific   Ketchup & Mustard   Sheila's Perfume
Daybreaker   Koko Loko   Showbiz
Doris Day   Mardi Gras   Trumpeter
Drop Dead Red   Oh My!   Vavoom
George Burns        
CLIMBING ROSES - #3 $29.99
Above All   Autumn Sunset   Purple Splash
All Ablaze   Cecile Bruner   Sky’s The Limit
America   Cupid's Kisses   Stormy Weather
    Joseph's Coat     
MINIATURE ROSES - #3  $29.99
All A’Twitter   Lemon Drop   Ruby Ruby
Coffee Bean   Rainbow's End   Whimsy
Cutie Pie       You're The One
Amber   Scarlet   White